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A funny parody of a fearmongering helmet ad

Listen to this. Contrast it to the original ad. A bicycle activist has created an amusing parody of a fearmongering ad commissioned by a government agency to promote bicycle helmets. The ad makes this extraordinary claim: “Don’t think that little ride to the shops warrants wearing [a helmet]? Well I’ve got news for you. Even on a short ride […]

Study reveals increased accidents and injuries after helmet law

Abstract The injury rate has tripled since the helmet law. By increasing the risk of accidents, helmets have made cycling more dangerous.  blank A recent study reveals a steady increase in cycling injuries after the helmet law. Between 1991 and 2000, arm injuries doubled (indicating a doubling in accidents), while head injuries increased by 40%. A 1996 cycling […]

Calls to repeal the helmet law in New Zealand

Cycling Health New Zealand This site is interesting as it presents a broad range of common-sense arguments, taking the perspective of public health. This is broader than the narrow perspective that helmet zealots insists on, claiming that their exaggerated estimates of helmets effectiveness is all that matters, while ignoring the increase in accidents and injuries, […]

Help restore cycling as a mode of transport

Cycling in Australia has significantly declined since the helmet law was imposed 20 years ago. Most casual cycling has disappeared. Fear, superstition, and ignorance, fueled by fearmongering campaigns like this one have scared most people off cycling. Many people have had enough of a counterproductive policy whose main result has been to reduce cycling, at the detriment of […]

First Ad to repeal the helmet law

An Australian cyclist has made the first ad to repeal the bicycle helmet law, after being inspired by the level of utility cycling among all ages in a trip in Italy.   The ad was even available in the mainstream media, not often that australian media shows an ad for free! The ad invites people to […]

Bike helmet laws backfiring: doctor

Here is an article from a doctor who has actually researched this topic and is able to look at the issue from a broader perspective, taking into account the damaging effects on health from discouraging cycling. “The best evidence is that [a helmet] doesn’t make any difference to serious head injury when riding a bicycle … initial […]

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