Frequently Asked Questions about bicycle helmets

The vehicular cyclist, a Canadian web site, has an excellent FAQ page  on bicycle helmets.

This illustrates that the issues around bicycle helmets are similar in many countries.

One interesting insight from this FAQ is:

We have reason to believe the helmet debate has little to do with safety, and much more to do with commercial interest and a specific lifestyle advocacy similar to that which would control what we eat, drink and take into our lungs.

In other words, the push for helmets is mostly driven by

  1. Helmet manufacturers making huge profits from selling a molded piece of polystyrene for $100.
  2. People who want to impose their preference on others.
  3. Advocates who believe that they know better what’s good for others. Helmet manufacturers know how to manipulate those do-gooders. Many of the organisations pushing helmets, like SafeKids, are funded by helmet manufacturers.

Keep this in mind when people claim: “This is for your safety

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