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Meanwhile, the bureaucrats commission another “study”

Abstract The failure of the bike share scheme in Brisbane led to calls to exempt it from the helmet law. The government response was to commission a study to defend its controversial  legislation. Bureaucrats even edited the “study” in favor of the legislation. Such “research” should not be misrepresented as science. blank A strange “study” The […]

Official misrepresentation of Australia’s bicycle helmet law

Abstract The helmet law has failed to achieve its stated goal of reducing the cost of cycling injuries. Several government agencies have obfuscated this disappointing result through misrepresentation. The information below is an extract from CRAG submission to the Prime Minister in 2009. Following this submission, the federal government abandoned its policy of supporting compulsory bicycle helmets. blank Federal […]

The myth that cycling is dangerous

You’ve heard it again and again: “Cycling is dangerous” When we keep hearing the same statement again and again, we end up believing it. This is a well-known manipulation technique, mentioned by Daniel Kanheman in his acclaimed book “Thinking fast and slow“: “A reliable way to make people believe in falsehoods is frequent repetition, because […]

The art of politics, and its unintended consequences

Economic vs political decision making For those frustrated after dealing with uncompromising bureaucrats and politicians who refuse to acknowledge the damage they have caused, the field of economics can explain how such disasters can happen, and the built-in incentives that prevent corrective action. There is a strange discrepancy between economic and political decision making, that […]

A funny parody of a fearmongering helmet ad

Listen to this. Contrast it to the original ad. A bicycle activist has created an amusing parody of a fearmongering ad commissioned by a government agency to promote bicycle helmets. The ad makes this extraordinary claim: “Don’t think that little ride to the shops warrants wearing [a helmet]? Well I’ve got news for you. Even on a short ride […]

Study reveals increased accidents and injuries after helmet law

Abstract The injury rate has tripled since the helmet law. By increasing the risk of accidents, helmets have made cycling more dangerous.  blank A recent study reveals a steady increase in cycling injuries after the helmet law. Between 1991 and 2000, arm injuries doubled (indicating a doubling in accidents), while head injuries increased by 40%. A 1996 cycling […]

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