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The myth that cycling is dangerous

You’ve heard it again and again: “Cycling is dangerous” When we keep hearing the same statement again and again, we end up believing it. This is a well-known manipulation technique, mentioned by Daniel Kanheman in his acclaimed book “Thinking fast and slow“: “A reliable way to make people believe in falsehoods is frequent repetition, because […]

The fallacy of the cracked helmet

We tend to look at a cracked helmet and assume it is “proof” it saved a life. Actually, a cracked helmet has failed to work as intended: “The next time you see a broken helmet, suspend belief and do the most basic check – disregard the breakages and look to see if what’s left of […]

The myth that bicycle helmets protect against brain injury

Abstract Brain injury is caused by rotational acceleration (the head turning quickly).  Bicycle helmets cannot protect against it, but can increase it and cause permanent disability. Helmets should not be misrepresented as preventing permanent disability when they are more likely to cause it. blank What surgeons say There is a common belief that bicycle helmets […]

My helmet saved my life!

Abstract Despite many emotional claims that “my helmet saved my life”, the risk of death & serious injury increased after the helmet law.  The risk of accident almost doubled, but the protection provided by helmets did not compensate for the rise in accidents.   What the data tells us The claim that “my helmet saved […]

Do helmets really protect racing cyclists?

Most sport cyclists wear a helmet as it is “obvious” that it protects them.  Does it really protect? Since helmets have been made mandatory, deaths of professional cyclists while racing have doubled: “The helmet rule for professional cyclists was brought by the UCI in 2003 following the death of Andrei Kivlev during the Paris-Nice race. Since then […]

Are bicycle helmets dangerous?

Abstract Bicycle helmets can mitigate minor skull injuries like bruises and lacerations at low speeds.   Contrary to popular belief, helmets do not protect against brain injury. On the other hand, helmets tend to: increase the risk of accidents increase the risk of the head hitting the road increase the risk of neck injury increase the […]

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