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Did you stop cycling after the helmet law?  Did that mean you did less physical exercise, and might be suffering health problems as a result? Did you believe the hype that “helmet save lives”, then started to take more risks when riding, until you had a crash?  Would you have had such a crash without the […]

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Summary of effects of helmet law Helmet laws and cycle use Helmet laws: what has been their effect? The Health Impact of Mandatory Bicycle Helmet Laws Bicycle helmets and public health in Australia Public health hampered by false perception of cycling risk Helmet wearing and cycle use in Great Britain Do cyclists have an exaggerated […]

Brief Summary of Surveys Showing a Decline in Cycling due to MHL

1) Pre-law in Victoria, some students at schools which compelled them to wear helmets chose to give up cycling instead. (Reference???) 2) According to Vic Roads report IR 90-15 (1991), the number of cyclists described as adult commuters declined by nearly 60 per cent between March and July 1990. This figure is invalid because of […]

Information Sheet: Bicycle Helmets and Bicycle Helmet Legislation

Cyclists Rights Action Group The low-down on bicycle helmet laws, 2nd Edition, 30 August, 1996 Where did the Bicycle Helmets Law come from? For many people the Mandatory Helmet Laws for Bicyclists (MHLB) simply turned up out of the blue. How did this happen? As far back as 1978, the House of Representatives Standing Committee […]

Bike Share

Dublin bike share: a success story: Now deployed in over 500 cities worldwide, bike share is the fastest growing urban transport mode. What do you think of this post?Insightful (0) Interesting (0) Useful (0) Boring (0)

Discouragement Of Cycling, And Effects On Welfare

Written in 1994 1. Introduction This paper examines the rationale for compulsory wearing of helmets as stated by the then Federal Minister for Land Transport: that head injury to cyclists will be reduced, resulting in savings to the community in health care and other costs – in effect, an increase in public welfare. Laboratory tests […]

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