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Can helmets cause permanent disability?

In 1993, a team of researchers conducted lab experiments on bicycle helmets. The purpose was to measure the chin strap forces in accidents. The researchers were shocked by what they found. They had discovered that helmets can seriously damage cyclists neck: “The non-shell helmet did in all trials grab the asphalt surface, which rotated the head together with the helmet. […]

The paradox of bicycle helmets

When wearing “protection” results in more injuries, perhaps we need to look deeper about what is really going on.   After a helmet law was introduced in Australia, many cyclists insisted their helmets had saved them. Yet cycling injuries increased. How can both be true at the same time? They can be true at the same time if there is a large […]

US government drops claim that helmets reduce 85% of head injuries

The US government has dropped its claim that bicycle helmets reduce 85% of head injuries. The claim came from “research” conducted by helmet advocates in 1989. Many researchers have tried to replicate its results, but have been unable to do so. Amid severe criticism, the authors had to re-work their data, and arrived at a lower effectiveness rate. This […]

Helmet manufacturer ordered to pay $3 millions as compensation for brain injury

US helmet manufacturer Riddell had to pay US$3 millions in compensation to an injured football player. Rhett Ridolfi suffered severe brain damage, as well as paralysis, despite wearing a helmet. A Colorado jury found Riddell negligent in failing to warn players about concussion. This is one of many lawsuits about brain injury while wearing a […]

The fallacy of the cracked helmet

We tend to look at a cracked helmet and assume it is “proof” it saved a life. Actually, a cracked helmet has failed to work as intended: “The next time you see a broken helmet, suspend belief and do the most basic check – disregard the breakages and look to see if what’s left of […]

Barefoot running and cycling

An interesting analogy between barefoot running and cycling: For years it has been ingrained in to folk that go hill-walking that it is *essential* to wear “stout footwear with proper ankle support”, with the latter taken to mean a high lacing cuff and the phrase really meaning big, stiff hiking boots. In more recent times […]

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