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Official misrepresentation of Australia’s bicycle helmet law

Abstract The helmet law has failed to achieve its stated goal of reducing the cost of cycling injuries. Several government agencies have obfuscated this disappointing result through misrepresentation. The information below is an extract from CRAG submission to the Prime Minister in 2009. Following this submission, the federal government abandoned its policy of supporting compulsory bicycle helmets. blank Federal […]

Why did the injury rate triple after the helmet law?

Abstract The injury rate has tripled since the helmet law. By increasing the risk of accidents, helmets have made cycling more dangerous.  blank A recent study reveals a steady increase in cycling injuries in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, after the helmet law. Between 1991 and 2000, arm injuries doubled, while head injuries increased by 40%. A 1996 […]

Federal government abandons compulsory helmets policy

The Federal Government instigated in 1989 the nationwide policy of compulsion to wear a helmet, by offering ‘black spot’ funding for roads to the states and territories. All complied by 1992. In 2009, CRAG made a comprehensive submission to the Prime Minister calling for the Government’s policy on helmets to be based on sound evidence of […]

Political parties supporting the decriminilisation of cycling

In Australia, the Liberal Democratic Party supports the decriminilisation of cycling through its policy opposing victimless “crimes”. It states about the bicycle helmet law: Mandatory bicycle helmets – not only are such laws offensive to liberty, but they do not achieve their aim. You may not be able to vote for the Liberal Democratic Party for the parliament (local […]

Canada: helmet laws have made little difference to head injuries

A recent Canadian study found that bicycle helmet laws had little effect on head injuries. The study analysed 14 years of data, comparing provinces with and without helmet laws. Unlike other studies in this field, it attempts to remove the effect of confounding factors by controlling for background trends and modelling head injuries as a proportion of […]

History of helmet law in the US

Opinion Here are the reflections and impressions of a US resident who has observed the emergence of bicycle helmets in the United States over the last 40 years. While many of these observations cannot be confirmed without dedicated investigative journalism, they are informed by decades of attention to news articles, bicycling publications, bike organization policies, […]

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