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Did you stop cycling after the helmet law?  Did that mean you did less physical exercise, and might be suffering health problems as a result?

Did you believe the hype that “helmet save lives”, then started to take more risks when riding, until you had a crash?  Would you have had such a crash without the false sense of safety provided by your helmet?

Has the helmet law has been beneficial or harmful to you?

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2 thoughts on “Share your story”

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story. I am still riding my bycicle and will continue to do so helmet law or not. I will not let some silly law deter me from keeping healthy and fit. I do not like wearing the helmet and from what I have researched I do not believe they save lives. To the contrary. how can a piece of syrofoam protect our skulls from injury. Ride responsibily is the key. I just wear the helmet to keep the police officers happy and no-one else. I would like to see the law changed to how it used to be – no law – let’s ride free style. Like in other parts of the world and then more people would be out riding and keeping fit and healthy.

  2. I stopped riding when the bicycle helmet law was introduced. I switched to motorized transport. I didn’t realize it at the time, but cycling to work and to the shops was my only form of exercise. Since then, I have put on weight, and my health has been deteriorating. My doctor tells me I should excercise, but there is no practical way to do it. I am struggling with health issues. I wish I hadn’t been forced to stop riding 20 years ago.

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